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Our business is based upon the principle that your people are our business

Our mission is to help agricultural businesses and other organisations to apply some science and practice to the art of managing people. Check out the videos opposite which explain how we help you become the Employer of Choice and also how we use our own unique profiling tool to help understand the differences between your people and how to manage them more effectively.

Our approach helps you find the right people for your farming business or other organisation, to retain and develop them into your leaders of the future.  

How can we help?


Real Success isn’t a recruitment agency.   Instead, we work with you to help you understand exactly why you’re recruiting, what the job your recruiting for entails and the type of person you need that will not only fulfill the role, but will also work effectively with you and your team.  Through the unique VITA Profiling system, we help you clearly identify those candidates that are more likely to fit your requirements and then help you interview effectively.  We can help with contracts, references and even advertising.  It’s a sort of HR Manager meets Recruitment Consultancy – and it works. 

We have a “no find – no fee” approach which costs just £500 + VAT plus any advertising costs.  So if we don’t find someone for you, you don’t pay a penny for our services.

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How do you plan to keep your best people?

‘Poor communication’ is often cited as the main reason for someone leaving a business.  We’ll show you how communication is the foundation stone and why you’re probably only connecting with 25% of the people that work with you.  Click here to find out more.


You may have people in your team that have the skills and knowledge that you need.  And they may even have a positive attitude.  But what happens when they disagree with your plans or direction for the business?  Or maybe they don’t share your values?  This can be very dangerous  to the long term sustainability of your business or organisation.  So how can you ensure your team are aligned behind you?

We will help you develop robust review systems that ensure you identify areas for development, possible conflicts and also bring your team closer to your vision.  Click here to find out more.


Members of your team that aren’t growing may get demotivated and look elsewhere.  So it’s vital to develop their self-leadership alongside practical leadership qualities and skills.

Our approach is rooted in building communication skills alongside developing high levels of emotional intelligence.  Leadership is not just about knowing more than your team – it’s about developing rounded, capable and talented people that can take your business to the next level.  Click here page to find out more.


Real Success do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach.  We’ll ask you plenty of questions before we can tell you how and if, we can help. It might be a little different, but it’s Real.

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Paul has been working with our business for over 2 years. What began as some training workshops to help our leadership team is now a regular coaching and consulting service across broad areas of our business. Working with our farm unit managers, Paul has introduced leadership and management skills and we have seen vast improvements in our recruitment policy, staff retention and associated costs. Working with our other business units, Paul has also assisted the leadership with managing significant changes in our business structure and also led a number of new initiatives designed to improve our communication and cross functional abilities. I am delighted that Paul remains part of our team of consultants and with the impact his work has made to our bottom line.

Geoff Sayers

Carswell group

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Herdsperson /2IC
Marlborough, Wiltshire  |  Full-time

Assistant Herdsperson
Eccleshall, Staffordshire  |  Full-time

Regional Manager/ County Organiser
Cheriton Bishop, Devon  |  Full-time

General Farm Worker/ Milker
Marlborough, Wiltshire  |  Full-time

Senior Herdsperson
Ludbrook, Devon  |  Full-time

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