Paul Harris Founder & CEO

Paul Harris
Founder & CEO

Welcome to the Real Success website.

My passion and the purpose of my business is to help people understand themselves more deeply, communicate with others more effectively and to make our lives and our work more fun, more ethical and more authentic – more of the time.  It’s also about showing how all of these things can make business more profitable, more sustainable and more appealing to customers and employees.

If that sound interesting to you, take a look through the details below and click the links – or simply go to the services page where you’ll find dedicated pages for each of my services.

I look forward to helping you enjoy more Real Success!


How can we help?

Team Dynamics

Do you have a team of employees, volunteers or family business members that struggle to work effectively? Maybe their differences are causing conflict and hitting your bottom line? If so, we may be able to help.

Board MeetingReal Success specialises in helping teams harness the power of their differences through a deep understanding of the personality styles and communication preferences within each individual member of your team. Conflict is reduced, internal and external relationships are improved and the effectiveness of the team and organisation is enhanced – all of which drops straight through to the bottom line.  It’s simple, fast and it works.  Check out our Team Development page now.


Farming and Agriculture

shutterstock_109219295We work extensively in the agricultural and farming sector, helping leaders, unit managers and teams to communicate more effectively and perform more efficiently.  We also provide leadership and management development, a full recruitment service, website design and succession management. Through a deep understanding of the needs of the agricultural sector, we address the specific needs of this industry.  Please check out our dedicated Farming and Agriculture page under the Services heading to find out more or you can find out about our series of workshops on our workshops and training page.

Personal Coaching.

shutterstock_25042177If you need some individual direction and clarity, we provide personal coaching and mentoring. Depending on your needs, this can be through our unique “Get Real Programme” or through more general ongoing support.  We don’t tie you down to contracts and our approach is a little different to many other coaching programmes as we don’t begin with your goals and dreams.  We begin with your purpose, and this makes all the difference… Check out more here


frontpage_2-300x179Business Mentoring

Being a business owner or leader can be a lonely and challenging place.  From developing strategy to getting clear on your unique value proposition, we work with you to bring clarity to your thinking whilst supporting you in the development of your business and personal needs.  Check out our Business Mentoring page to find out more.


Real Success do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach.  We believe every situation, organisation, team and individual is different and as such, deserves an individual solution.  So we’ll ask you plenty of questions before we can tell you how and if, we can help.

It might be a little different, but it’s Real.

Go to our contact page to get in touch or take a look around our website to see what we do.

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Many, many thanks for what has been an immensely useful and, quite probably, a life defining set of coaching sessions for me. Without your help, I am not at all sure I would have made the right decision at this point in my life. I have clarity, a renewed sense of self and I am finding my confidence once again.

Simon Davey

Surgical Registrar, NHS

Paul has been working with our business for over 2 years.  What began as some training workshops to help our leadership team is now a regular coaching and consulting service across broad areas of our business.  Working with our farm unit managers, Paul has introduced leadership and management skills and we have seem vast improvements in our recruitment policy, staff retention and associated costs.  Working with our other business units, Paul has also assisted the leadership with managing significant changes in our business structure and also led a number of new initiatives designed to improve our communication and cross functional abilities.  I am delighted that Paul remains part of our team of consultants and with the impact his work has made to our bottom line.

Geoff Sayers

Business Owner, The Sayers Group

Have you ever had a training session where the feedback from all 20 people was unanimous? You will with Paul. Paul’s conviction, energy, creativeness and ability to enthuse everybody is infectious. within half an hour, even the most sceptical participants had realised the benefit of Paul’s coaching! I suggest you get on the phone to him, and book him in!

Graham Redman

Partner, The Andersons Centre

The confidence that you helped me to re-discover has helped me find the career I dreamed of!


I’m delighted with the positive impact Paul’s work has had on our entire staff and volunteer teams.  As an organisation we’re communicating more clearly with each other and our effectiveness has improved at all levels.

Alan Fraser

CEO, YMCA Birmingham

The coaching experience was enjoyable and I learned to see and be aware of my own strengths in difficult situations.  Paul was motivating, friendly, experienced and easy to understand.

Vigdis Kyan Edman

Sales Manager, L'Oreal Sweden

Working with Paul, we found the experience was complete, personable, honest and open with copious amounts of learning not just about the business and its direction but also about us as individuals.

Helen Partridge

Owner, Inspire Property Management