As a Christian, Paul believes that the Bible can offer an powerful and useful perspective on business and how it can be run in a way that enhances lives and still maximises profit.   Many Christian  business owners find themselves trapped in a “moral dissonance dilemma” – where they know they have to do certain things in business, but they just don’t sit well with what their faith teaches them.

Paul set up The Divine Business Network to help with these challenges and dilemmas.  Through discussion with fellow Christians in business, you can find answers through scripture and through the experience of others, allowing and encouraging you to take your faith deeper into your business or work.

You’ll find more details on the Divine Business Network website.

YMCA LogoPaul is a Director of Birmingham YMCA and sits on the Social Enterprise Sub-Commmittee.  The mission of Birmingham YMCA  is to inspire young people to discover their potential so that they can live life in all its fullness. We provide accommodation and support to help vulnerable people towards independent living whilst also providing employment, training and work place experience through our social enterprises and employability projects

LogoPaul is a Director and Trustee of Write Here Write Now –  a community interest company that creates a safe and fun environment for children and young people to develop their writing and creative skills.  Through music and video production, children are allowed freedom of expression, while being guided by the group’s rules of tolerance and sensitivity towards the other members.