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It may seem unusual to have a page on a business website about ‘Faith’ but Paul’s journey of faith is an integral part of his values and those of Real Success Ltd.  Whilst the mission of Real Success Ltd is never to push religion, beliefs or (in particular) any form of doctrine onto others, Paul became a born again Christian on December 3rd 2017, being baptised at Renewal Christian Centre in Solihull.

Paul’s journey back to his faith is long and he has a testimony which has formed the basis of his book “The Man with Scarlet Socks” which will be published and available in March 2020.   Paul’s testimony is not a journey of religion or even redemption, but is a journey into some dark places where Paul lost most of what he had (financially) and wondered about the value of life itself.  Following a deep spiritual experience in December 2014, Paul found himself at Renewal Church in Solihull at the beginning of January 2015 and has worshipped there ever since.

His faith and the growth in Real Success Ltd have grown hand in hand and Paul started a Christian Business Networking group in 2015 called “Divine Business Network” to support Christian business owners and leaders to take more of their faith into their businesses – not to convert people to Christianity but to live their faith in a very real way through their work.

You can find out more about Renewal church by clicking here.

You can find information about the Divine Business Network by clicking here.

Paul is very happy to talk to you about his faith journey should you feel you need any support or simply if your curious!