Real Success offer a range of workshops that can be run within discussion groups or on your own farm.

Paul has worked extensively with the farming industry and the dairy sector in particular so he has a genuine understanding of the issues that farming businesses face on a daily basis.  All workshops are interactive and entertaining and will provide you with a deeper understanding of your colleagues and your own performance.  You will also be provided with simple tools and techniques that will enhance your teams performance and your profitability.

Workshops are generally 3 hours long and can be run at times to suit the farm.  Details of each of the workshops can be found below.  Other subjects can also be covered so if you’re interested in any of the workshops shown below, or would like to discuss your requirements, use the Contact Us page, send an email to or call our office on 0121-711-1494.

Workshop 1: Team Dynamics – Why communication is so much more than just what you say…

Do you find that you can get on with some people at work, but struggle with others? Is staff management the biggest issue you face in your business?

Farming is an intense, fast paced environment where positive teamwork is essential for success. How we communicate with each other has a huge impact on efficiency, effectiveness, profitability and the morale of the team. In this workshop, you’ll discover that each of us has a different communication style and behaviour which directly influences how we are perceived by others – and how this can work in your favour or against you. Before you consider how to motivate, lead and inspire your team, you need to know the basics of good communication – and this workshop will show you just how tricky positive communication can be…and the way to make communication work for you.

This workshop uses the unique VITA Profiling system developed by Real Success Ltd.

Workshop 2: “There’s no such thing as Time Management!”

In this interactive and thought provoking workshop, you will discover why Time Management simply isn’t possible… But you will understand the importance of effective planning, prioritising, communicating and delegating and how each of these elements impact on your team’s performance and your bottom line.  As you strive for every penny per litre or per acre of profit, you will review simple ways to make your farm a more efficient, more positive and more effective unit.

Workshop 3: Stress Management and Conflict Resolution

Do you find yourself frustrated with your team? Is conflict threatening to de-rail your business? And is your health suffering as a result?

Farming is an intense and demanding industry that is also changing rapidly. Alongside the financial and market pressures, there is also considerable effort to ensure smooth succession management, working within a family business and managing staff. Stress and conflict are issues that are real and effecting many business and those that work within them. In this workshop, you’ll learn some simple measures that can be used to minimise stress , provide methods and approaches for resolving conflict and also how to have difficult conversations with members of your team.

Workshop 4: The Art of NegotiationKnowing what to say and how to say it!

Have you ever left a negotiation and wondered if you’d secured the best deal?

We are all negotiating, every day. Whether it’s lower cost prices on our inputs, higher prices on our sales or simply getting our staff to do what ask, we have to learn the art of negotiation.  In this short and interactive workshop, you will discover how firstly, your own personality style effects how you negotiate and then you’ll learn some simple techniques and processes that you can follow that will guarantee a better outcome in any negotiation process. The workshop will be interactive and engaging to ensure you take away the maximum amount of new information in the minimum amount of time.

Workshop 5: Delivering Effective Reviews – The importance of constructive appraisals.

Your regular 1-1 meetings with your staff should be supplemented with annual (minimum) personal reviews that discuss individual performance against the requirements of their roles and the business.  However, many farms do not complete this process – sometimes as it feels odd to review family members and often due to a lack of confidence and training in how to deliver an effective review.

In this interactive workshop, Paul will outline the structure, approach and administration required to  deliver an effective review. You will be provided with a simple framework that will enable you to run this process smoothly and positively – even when performance needs to addressed.


Workshop 6: Effective Feedback & Difficult Conversations

Is there a “right” way to deliver feedback?  Have you ever had a conversation that began well, but ended badly?

Delivering feedback on performance can be a tricky issue and often can end up with you either avoiding having the conversation of worse still, you begin with great intentions but quickly the conversation turns to accusations and defensive behaviour.  Getting people to do what you want them to do is often not about “telling” its about “suggesting” and in this workshop, Paul will outline the “I-SAID” framework and 4 golden principles of effective feedback that will ensure all of your feedback conversations deliver positive results.

Workshop 7: The People Cycle – How to recruit, keep and develop your team

Poor recruitment can cost your business dearly.  And losing your best staff can be demoralising and stressful.  So how do you find great people for your business and hold onto them?

This workshop covers the three distinct areas of recruitment, how to keep hold of your best staff and how to develop them into high performing individuals within an effective team.  From how to prepare a job description to looking at the proven approaches that will build trust, loyalty and long term commitment from your staff, this workshop will challenge you to review your recruitment process and to build a strong and cohesive team.