Did you know that 90% of new businesses fail within the first 10 years? Why? It’s often said that it’s because they were built on weak foundations. We agree – but not necessarily on the nature of the foundations….

Our business mentoring is a powerful approach designed to improve the performance of your business from the ground up. We take you back to basics first, understanding your motivation for being in business in the first place. ¬†We’ll then work with you to understand your current challenges and develop a bespoke programme of help. There is no “one-size-fit’s-all” approach with Real.

You can work with us for a single session to get some clarity or for a long term plan of coaching, consulting or mentoring. And we won’t tie you down to long term contracts or insist of huge amounts of cash up front. We prefer to deliver results that you are then delighted to pay for.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you build your business the only way that counts – your way.


My business partner & I engaged Paul as it’s business coach to review not only the current standing of the business but to also develop a clear strategy & business plan in moving the business forward. We found the experience was complete, personable, honest and open with copious amounts of learning not just about the business and its direction but also about us as individuals our strengths and how best to utilise our individual strengths to drive our business forward. I would wholeheartedly recommend Paul.

Helen Partridge

Business Owner, Inspire Property Management

Working with Paul Harris WILL change you and your business for the better. Benefiting from his insight and compassion, together with straight-talking commercial nouse, has really given me a fantastic perspective on myself and the business and helped me develop both hugely.

Tom Bourne

Managing Director, The Well Hung Meat Company

Paul has been working with our business for over 2 years introducing leadership and management skills alongside vast improvements in our recruitment policy, staff retention and associated costs. I am delighted that Paul remains part of our team of consultants and with the impact his work has made to our bottom line.

Geoff Sayers

Business Owner, The Carswell Group