The first step to keeping your most important employees is to begin a process of fully engaging with them in your business.  And the start point for any form of engagement is to understand the personality differences and communication preferences within your team.  Every member of your team has “MMFI” stamped on their foreheads.  This stands for ‘Make Me Feel Important’ and there is nothing that will turn off your team more than poor communication.

Real Success will develop your understanding of the communication and behavioural styles of your team which is so essential for success. Using the VITA™ Profiling Tool and supported with a range of workshops, consultancy and coaching, we work with you to help you achieve results through your people that you may have once were thought impossible.

Talk to us about your challenges and we’ll listen and talk back to you in the way you wish to be spoken to. After all, that’s our point…

I’m delighted with the positive impact Paul’s work has had on our entire staff and volunteer teams. As an organisation we’re communicating more clearly with each other and our effectiveness has improved at all levels.

Alan Fraser

CEO, YMCA Birmingham

Paul’s understanding of people and how they tick has helped me to understand my team, develop my leadership skills and become a better manager. The simple ideas and techniques that Paul explains are easy to implement and have had a huge impact on my team.

Richard Butler

Unit Manager, Babbacombe Farm

Working across our business units, Paul has led a number of new initiatives designed to improve our communication and cross functional abilities. This has improved both individual and collective performance as well as vastly reducing of staff turnover and associated costs.

Geoff Sayers

Business Owner, The Carswell Group