The Get Real Programme is our ‘signature’ and most structured programme. Aimed at those that want to take a deep review into their personal or working lives, it offers and robust but flexible approach to helping you uncover your next steps in life.

Based on solid research and years of working with people who have set goals, achieved them, and remained unfulfilled, Paul Harris has developed an approach with starts in a different place.  Setting goals can be a powerful process that helps you gain momentum and achieve your desires.  But what if the goal is wrong in the first place?…

Therefore, the Get Real Programme goes backwards before taking you forwards.  It looks at your life from four different perspectives and whichever part of your life you wish to change – either personally or in your work or business, this programme will help you uncover you real desires and the real you.

And because it’s back to front, it spells the word REAL (back to front of course…)


The first sessions looks at your ‘purpose’.  What are you passionate about? What do you stand for? What are your talents? And how ‘connected’ do you feel to what you do.  The idea is that we go deeply into who you are, BEFORE you think about changing anything.  It’s important to be clear about these aspects of who you are before making any decisions on what to do next


In this session, you will discover your values. These are the driving forces behind how you think, what you say and how you view the world. It’s here that most of our clashes with others occur. It’s essential to know your values so that you can build any changes around them.


Here, we look at your beliefs about yourself, your environment and how likely you are to be able to make changes. We review negative beliefs and replace them with more positive beliefs.


Finally, having completed the internal work, we look at your external environment and set some goals and actions to change anything that you have decided you want to change or achieve. Because this is built upon the strong foundations of the earlier work, you set congruent and meaningful goals. These can be personal, work related, spiritual or anything else that’s important to you.