Paul is a passionate, enthusiastic and inspirational speaker that has spoken to thousands of people in audiences across the UK and Europe.

In his keynote talks he challenges and motivates his audience to look deeply within themselves to discover their authenticity, spirituality and intuition.  His talk on “The Paradox of Life” is widely regarded as ground breaking in its content, incisive in its thinking and a key message for personal growth.

Paul has spoken at many events around the UK, is a member of the Professional Speaking Association and continues to entertain, challenge and inspire audiences across the corporate market, together with the third sector and voluntary organisations.

Lively and entertaining, Paul will add value and content to your event and is happy to tailor his message to generate the greatest impact for his audience, whilst always maintaining the depth and authenticity of his message.

Call Paul directly on 07895-264916 or send  him an personal email at