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Paul Harris has helped me enormously to find direction and the confidence to pursue it - I couldn't recommend him highly enough.

Tom Bourne
Today I finished my "second half of life" coaching program with the insightful and deeply spiritual Paul Harris. It's hard to express just how much it has helped me to discover what I'm truly passionate about, what I'm really good at, what my values are and what God might have called me to do. It's also helped me see my shadow side, my insecurities and my 'fallibilities' as gifts. I highly recommend Paul to anyone who thinks they may have got a bit stuck with life or their work.

Tim Evans
Worth Unlimited
avatarI'm delighted with the positive impact Paul's work has had on our entire staff and volunteer teams. As an organisation we're communicating more clearly with each other and our effectiveness has improved at all levels.

Alan Fraser
Birmingham YMCA
avatarPaul has been working with our business for over 2 years. What began as some training workshops to help our leadership team is now a regular coaching and consulting service across broad areas of our business. Working with our farm unit managers, Paul has introduced leadership and management skills and we have seen vast improvements in our recruitment policy, staff retention and associated costs. Working with our other business units, Paul has also assisted the leadership with managing significant changes in our business structure and also led a number of new initiatives designed to improve our communication and cross functional abilities. I am delighted that Paul remains part of our team of consultants and with the impact his work has made to our bottom line.

Geoff Sayers
The Carswell Group
Real Success is truly where it is at with Paul Harris. His out of the box, wider view thinking helped me to identify an aspect of me that I may possibly never have considered. I cannot emphasise enough how much this has changed my thinking, my approach to my business and bigger still, my life. This new understanding completely impacts everything that I do and based on this, real success is mine. Thank you Paul for such expertise, your generosity of spirit, oh, and the laughter!

Pearl Jordan
The Rhythmic Remedy
Paul is an excellent coach. He is willing to share his knowledge and experience without limitation. In addition to being a very likable and genuine person, Paul's intuitive qualities will help you to achieve your full potential.

Stuart Powell
Adler Insurance
Paul's lively, energetic and interactive approach held our attention and interest throughout the presentation and following workshop, which was well prepared, professionally delivered  and interspersed with anecdotes and ‘real life' studies. The response from the members was excellent and achieved our group’s main objective - assisting local businesses to do business better, be successful and develop their local economies.

John Lewis
Castle Vale Business Group
avatarThis is just a quick note to let you know that your workshop got some excellent feedback from the students in their Module Evaluation comments. They liked your enthusiasm and passionate presentation skills, and many felt they learnt important work based skills which they hope to utilise in their future careers. Many thanks for your help, and I do hope that you will feel that you may want to come and teach our students again in the future.

Ashok Patel
Coventry University
avatarWhere do I start? Paul is a motiviational, dynamic and inspiring coach and business development specialist with a broad knowledge of his subject and the correct manner to deliver it. I have found working with Paul to be a revelation in my approach to business and he has helped me to develop both personally and professionally in the reasonably short time I have known him

Andrew Cole
Touchwood Shopping Centre
avatarWe all know that both bottom line and people are equally important in a successful business. It has been refreshing to see how Paul manages to promote and practice just this, helping to build motivated and inspired teams by ensuring they never compromise on delivery and often exceed customer expectations. Paul's enthusiastic and solution driven approach enabled us to achieve results we once considered impossible!

Senior Buyer
avatarPaul's contribution to our success has been significant. Working closely with our board of directors, Paul has helped develop our medium term strategy together with providing high quality facilitation and management of our board meetings. He has worked closely with our sales, marketing, logistics and finance teams to deliver improvements to business process which are delivering real improvements to our bottom line.

Shaun Chatterton
Cleaning and Paper Disposables Ltd
avatarThe coaching experience with you was enjoyable and I was looking forward to it every time. You where very motivating .  I learned to set goals every day and follow them up. I also learned to see and be aware of my own strengths in difficult situations.  Personally I found you to be motivating, friendly, experienced and easy to understand.  Thanks for all your help Paul.

Vigdis Kyan Edman
L'Oreal Sweden
avatarHave you ever had a training session where the feedback from all 20 people was unanimous? You will with Paul. Paul's conviction, energy, creativeness and ability to enthuse everybody is infectious. within half an hour, even the most sceptical participants had realised the benefit of Paul's coaching! I suggest you get on the phone to him, and book him in!

Graham Redman
The Andersons Centre
avatarThis is the second time we have used Paul Harris's services. This year he delivered motivational booster sessions at our annual conference and facilitated a World Cafe event with 120 participants from the Higher Education sector and the commercial Audio Visual and IT Sector. The feedback from the booster sessions (stress management and motivation) has been overwhelmingly positive from our membership. The World Cafe event was an absolute success and in no small part down to the professional manner in which Paul managed, motivated and totally engaged the audience. He's great to work with and integrated himself seamlessly in our team for the event.

Simon Birkett
avatarMy business partner & I engaged Paul as it's business coach to review not only the current standing of the business but to also develop a clear strategy & business plan in moving the business forward.  What we received from Paul can only be described as an amazing journey. Working with Paul, we found the experience was complete, personable, honest and open with copious amounts of learning not just about the business and its direction but also about us as individuals our strengths and how best to utilise our individual strengths to drive our business forward.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Paul and have done so….and we will continue to use Paul as our business continues to grow. Be prepared for the journey… is as its namesake….a very REAL experience.  Thank you Paul!

Helen Partridge
Inspire Property Management
avatarI enjoyed our coaching very much and looked forward to our conversations.  The frequency made the coaching top of mind every day!  What I found most valuable was the coaching on time management skills ; from goals settings, how to value your time, how to say no in a positive manner; aim for less; book own time in calendar.  All this helps me to better balance my work and private life.  I found you to be a very warm, personal, friendly, open, motivating and inspiring.   I believe it was helpful to have a coach that understood personality profiles and was therefore able to work more effectively with me. Thank you Paul

Ane Kjølmoen Frigstad
L'Oreal Norway