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shutterstock_109219295Paul Harris provides a range of consulting, training and coaching services developed specifically for the agricultural sector that improve team communication, leadership effectiveness and reduce staff turnover.

Using a range of workshops and on-site training, Paul will help your team to work together more effectively and harmoniously.

With specialist knowledge and understanding of the challenges of the dairy farming industry in particular, Paul has worked extensively with organic and conventional systems to help improve team cohesion and profitability.

Team Dynamics

The first stage of developing the team is through a simple 3 hour workshop that discovers and demonstrates that each person has a different prefered style of communication and will also show specific patterns of consistent behaviour and approach.  When leaders and team members understand these differences and learn how to flex their own style, team cohesion is improved, motivation is enhanced and performance levels are raised.  This workshop is usually run on farm in between milking (for dairy farms) to ensure minimum disruption to the working day.

Leadership & Management Development

farmers leadershipPaul works closely with leaders (family, business owners or senior employees) to help them understand how to get the best from their team. This is practical advice, based on the needs of the agricultural sector and not theory based business or corporate jargon.  Paul has spent considerable time understanding the specific needs of the agricultural sector so that managers and leaders gain confidence in decision making and continue to develop their understanding of how to develop their team – but specifically in their sector.  This service is delivered primarily through on-site visits and through 24 hour telephone access and email support ensuring that the leadership team gain the support they need when they need it.

Full Recruitment Service

hiredfiredOne of the biggest profit drains on a business is poor recruitment.  Through rushed or ineffective interviewing, a poor induction process and limited appraisals, many farms lose huge sums of money through recruiting people that don’t fit into their team or who are unsuited to the work they’re employed to do.  Getting the right people starts with the right recruitment strategy and Paul will work closely with you to create the right person specification and job description, advertise for candidates, sort through applications, identify a shortlist, profile each candidate, interview robustly with you and help you select the right person through objective and subjective analysis. We believe we offer the most complete recruitment service available to the agricultural sector.

Simple Website Creation

content-edited-680The start point for many potential employees or contractors for your business is to search for your business on the internet. Without a simple website, potential candidates may look elsewhere and you could miss out on the best people in the industry.

Real Success provides a simple and low cost website design and hosting service to ensure your business is found on the web.  There’s no need to spend £000’s on a swanky and complex website – you simply need a presence so that people can find out a little more about you.  You can check out an example of one of our websites by clicking here


Succession Management

succession_planning (1)Sometimes people decide to leave your business.  At other times, you need to move someone out of your business.  And if you’re a family run enterprise, at some stage you’ll be needing to transfer skills, knowledge or expertise from one person to another.  Paul helps with this entire process, including the exit of poor performing staff.  With knowledge of employment law and HR policies, Paul will help you manage your staff in and out of your business.

If you’d like to find out more about how Paul can help your farm survive the economic and technical challenges through harnessing the power of your people, give the office a call on 0121-711-1494 or you can call Paul directly on 07895-264916.

Paul has been working with our business for over 2 years. What began as some training workshops to help our leadership team is now a regular coaching and consulting service across broad areas of our business. Working with our farm unit managers, Paul has introduced leadership and management skills and we have seem vast improvements in our recruitment policy, staff retention and associated costs. Working with our other business units, Paul has also assisted the leadership with managing significant changes in our business structure and also led a number of new initiatives designed to improve our communication and cross functional abilities. I am delighted that Paul remains part of our team of consultants and with the impact his work has made to our bottom line.
Geoff Sayers

Business Owner, The Carswell Group

Have you ever had a training session where the feedback from all 20 people was unanimous? You will with Paul. Paul’s conviction, energy, creativeness and ability to enthuse everybody is infectious. within half an hour, even the most sceptical participants had realised the benefit of Paul’s coaching! I suggest you get on the phone to him, and book him in!
Graham Redman

Agricultural Consultant, The Andersons Centre

When Paul first came to run a workshop on our farm, our team was struggling to function effectively. There were regular disagreements between individuals and tension was high. After the TetraMap workshop, the team discovered that they had different communication styles and Paul demonstrated how the team could work together to harness their differences rather than have them hinder their progress. The change was instant and we now use Paul to help us with recruitment and the ongoing management of our staff.
James Major

Farm Manager, Hole Farm, Launceston

I’ve been farming for over 20 years and whilst I have invested in my stock and kept up-to-date with modern farming practices, I had never really invested time in understanding how to get the best from my team. On a large farm, it’s so easy to forget that people are the key ingredient to the welfare of my herd and to the output and profitability of the business. Working closely with Paul, I believe I have become a better leader and a more accomplished farmer.
Stuart Marshall

Farm Manager, Caulston Farm, Newton Ferrers

We were all impressed with your training morning today. It has given us a lot to think about. We have an advisor in now and again and sometimes after they go we soon agree that, that was a waste of time. This morning was certainly not one of those occasions
Michael Merritt

Farm Owner, Nethercott Farm, Holsworthy

Thank you once again for a very enjoyable & informative course, we all got a lot from it!
Hilary Pilkington

Farm Owner, Ashby Grange Farm, Daventry

Paul’s understanding of people and how they tick has helped me to understand my team, develop my leadership skills and become a better manager. The simple ideas and techniques that Paul explains are easy to implement and have had a huge impact on my team.
Richard Butler

Farm Manager, Babbacombe Farm, Bideford

Thank you for such a fun and interesting day profiling with us last Thursday. You really brought the day to life and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.
Carol Richards

Farm Owner, Splatten Ridden Farm